November 24, 2017

More Christmas markets this year

The Straits Times: Christmas markets in Singapore are growing not only in numbers but also in variety, with some focusing on niche areas such as sustainably sourced products or locally made goods.

Get ready to hang that stocking and order that turkey - it is Christmas season again.

This year, shopping for presents just got easier with Christmas markets offering everything from clothes, gadgets, toys and food.

There are at least 13 Yuletide fairs operating from this month onwards, at locations as far flung as the former Seletar Airbase to nearby places such as your neighbourhood mall.

Experts say they are seeing more Christmas markets here in recent years, with greater interest among well-travelled Singaporeans.

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December 25, 2015

one free thing to do every christmas

I have watched Christmas lights and decorations every year since I learned of their existence some two decades ago.

I have indeed enamoured for decorations beneath the Christmas trees this year. The photo below shows a gorgeous Ferrero-Rocher-like set-up under the tree at Millenia Walk.

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December 5, 2015

Bring on the baubles

The Straits Times: The 10m-tall paper Christmas tree by Melvin Ong of local design consultancy Desinere is inspired by the old churches in Europe.

The white exterior symbolises the purity of snow and Christmas, while the gold interior represents a warm, loving home. Up to 20 shoppers can enter its base at any one time. Look up inside the tree to see intricate pleats on the corrugated boards and pleated paper hanging ornaments.

Mr Ong spent 11/2 months to design the tree and another two months to produce two prototypes, hand-score, fold and assemble the final product - with help from a team of structural engineers and paper carpenters. The structure is the Tallest Cardboard Paper Tree in the country, as certified by the Singapore Book of Records.

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