We Gifted The Tidings Of Tomorrow During Christmas At Millenia Walk

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Millenia Walk –
Tidings of Tomorrow

Christmas Feature – Elle Hong Kong

Christmas Feature – Design Milk

Millenia Walk commissioned our creative team here at OuterEdit for the fifth consecutive year to conceive and bring to life a Christmas campaign in a modern new light.

Continuing to push our creative limits, we reimagined the magic of the Christmas season – one that would stand out from the typical commercialized Yuletide experience and incite an emotive response as we approached a new decade.

Our design and visual direction anchored on sharing a festive experience that gazed into the future. Inspired by the upcoming 2020, known in science fiction to symbolise the future, Tidings of Tomorrow unveiled a technicoloured fantasy through time.

Our overall art direction featured a 13-metre-tall futuristic interpretation of a Christmas Tree with bold lattice structures that complemented its surroundings. This installation was heavily inspired by the post-modernist architectural style of Millenia Walk, designed by Pritzker Prize laureate Philip Johnson.


Revel In The Creative Possibilities

The Tree comprised of geometric cubes held together by over 10,000 connectors. These cubes formed 10 mesmerising gradient tiers – a visual marvel that cleverly represented the process of building upon what was gone before and growing together towards a bright future. 

From the viewer’s eye, each path was paved by the moiré-esque effect of kaleidoscopic colours that seamlessly morphed within the complex parallax design of the Tree. Come night, the centerpiece illuminated the atrium in celebratory fashion.


The inviting warmth gathered shoppers at the Tree for an enchanting Christmas moment. The holiday atrium at Millenia Walk became a common ground of celebrating the end of the year. A look back at the good, the funny, the heartwarming, all interwoven and integral in our journey thus far.


Spreading The Christmas Cheer

We also developed an original key visual with a bold, future-facing art direction – a homage to Retro Futurism to represent what the future holds.

The design featured festive baubles surging towards the future, welcoming guests to join in the merrymaking. The lattice background and colours also followed the visual language of the Tree’s 3D structural design.

We wanted a visual theme that embodied nostalgic moments of the past and fantasies of the future. Referencing our personal collection of vintage science fiction posters and books, this design theme characterised a blend of retro style with space-age elements, a good fit across all our collaterals for this holiday campaign.

For the design of Millenia Walk’s Christmas wrapping paper, we broke away from the typical patterned gift wraps.

Instead, we introduced a wrapper designed with monochromatic linework and stylised baubles to create rhythm, variety and movement – a ‘tiding’, if you will, of exciting festive moments.


The Results Called For A Celebration

Within weeks, Millenia Walk’s Instagram post of our Lattice Tree garnered almost 18,000 likes, as many as 8x more than the usual engagement.

A striking backdrop for making memories and photo opportunities, we were delighted to have our centerpiece received international praise from renowned sources. Photos of our Tree were used as Christmas greetings on ELLE Hong Kong and Design Milk (a major design platform with over 3 million followers). We were also featured at the top of Dezeen’s ‘10 of the most original Christmas trees of 2019’ article.

As we celebrated this unexpected achievement, we also looked back at what a great year we’ve had – all the creative opportunities, awesome clients and members in our team. A wonderful way to wrap our 2019, joy to the wonderous possibilities in 2020 and beyond!


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