February 23, 2021

OuterEdit’s ‘Street of Clans’ shortlisted for President*s Design Award.

We're excited to share that 'Street of Clans' has been shortlisted for 'Design of the Year' for the President*s Design Award 2020. We had the privilege to share more about the design ethos and impact that Street of Clans brought to our community to the team of local & international P*DA 2020 jurors and we're happy with getting this far in the process.

"We recognise OuterEdit's efforts in boldly inviting young designers to be a part of Street of Clans, and using new and novel methods to showcase and explore local clan associations' culture and heritage."

Gan Clan Singapore

"As I stood alingside the interactive installation my team and I built within the Koh Clan, lively conversations between the clan memebrs and members of the public unfolded around me. Nearly a year on, I still think abou tthe energy and impact of the festival - where else can you find such a beautiful marriage of cultural heritage and design?"

Pixie Tan, Creative Collaborator

"Being the champion placemaker for Chinatown, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) appreciates the efforts put in by OuterEdit in portraying Singapore beyond a modern metropolis. Street of Clans is a testament to houw a festival could contribute to an authentic Singapore story with rich heritage and culture."

Singapore Tourism Board

As a local boutique creative agency, it is an honour for us to have been shortlisted for this award, and is an encouragement to us to continue making meaningful matter and promoting the age-old clan values of 'kinship', 'unity' and 'lending a helping hand' through our work and our community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the DesignSingapore Council and the P*DA jury panel for shortlisting Street of Clans, and our heartiest congratulations to the other shortlistees & winners.

May 10, 2019

UNESCO Creative Cities visit Singapore

DesignSingapore: From 6 to 10 March 2019, DesignSingapore Council had the honour of hosting 33 delegates from various UNESCO Cities of Design as part of Singapore Design Week.

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April 6, 2019

อบอุ่นไปกับงานสร้างสรรค์สไตล์ชุมชนแบบฉบับสิงคโปร์ “Street of Clans 2019”

Thailand Creative & Design Centre: Street of Clans 2019 เทศกาลสร้างสรรค์ชุมชนแสนอบอุ่น

Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/3tlTdFD

March 28, 2019

싱가포르 디자인 위크 2019

designdb: 중국계 씨족들이 모이는 화교의 장이었던 ‘부킷 파소Bukit Pasoh’ 거리에서 열린 축제 ‘씨족들의 거리Street of Clans’에서는 평소에는 방문하기 어려운 고택에서 유서깊은 공예품들을 구경하고 만들어보는 체험 프로그램이 열렸다. (첫째) DJ Che'Molly의 거리 라이브, (둘째) 텅오위군Tung On Wui Kun 문화재단에 바이너리 스타일Binary Style과 신샹SCENE SHANG이 설치한 인터랙션 작품을 구경하는 관람객, (세 번째) 셰프 말콤 리Malcolm Lee와 함께한 페라나칸 음식 시식 / ©Street of Clans 

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March 22, 2019


牛车水附近的武吉巴梳路(Bukit Pasoh Road)是一条有趣的街道,全长仅 250 米,既聚集了数家历史悠久的宗乡会馆,又林立着众多个性餐馆、酒吧。

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March 22, 2019

Unsold Studio’s Experience in Singapore

Design Core Detroit: Embarrassingly, most of our knowledge about Singapore before take-off came from the film Crazy Rich Asians. Although we love Constance Wu and Singaporeans are definitely proud of the movie, we were grateful our first night included a visit to the Singapore History Gallery at the National Museum of Singapore.


March 11, 2019

Clan associations woo youth with modernised programmes and Instagrammable exhibits

Yahoo! Life: Singapore’s clan associations have come a long way since their beginnings as providers of social services to Chinese migrants here during the country’s early history. They have now transformed themselves to be more inclusive and changed focus to promote Chinese heritage and culture in order to keep up with modern times and attract youth.

Full Article: https://sg.style.yahoo.com/clan-associations-woo-youth-instagrammable-exhibits-095734482.html

March 9, 2019


新加坡设计周Singapore Design Week(2019年3月4日至17日举行),吸引30万人参与,104个合作伙伴,115项活动。由DesignSingapore Council支持、OuterEdit主办的会馆一街亲活动(Streetof Clans)是新加坡设计周的活动之一

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March 9, 2019

Binary Style x Scene Shang art collaboration for Street of Clans Festival

Have you ever wondered in what way clan associations had helped Singapore's early immigrants and how do they remain relevance today?

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March 7, 2019

Things to do at Singapore Design Week 2019

Esquire: This newly-introduced festival sounds intimidating, doesn't it? Cast your fears aside because clans emphasise values like kinship and unity to foster a sense of community among people.

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