Refining A Hospitality Brand For A New Generation Of Travellers

Far East Hospitality —
Quincy Hotel

Part of the Far East Hospitality (FEH) Group, Quincy Hotel’s guest-centric approach promises to deliver the ultimate in comfort and technology served with a quirky edge to delight and surprise.

With plans to expand locally and internationally, Quincy Hotel was in need of a brand update that would resonate with their new generation of young travellers known as the Social Urbanites. Up for a challenge, we partnered with the established hospitality group to create for and serve their customers in a fresh way, setting Quincy Hotel apart from their competitors and other FEH’s family brands. 


After: Quincy Hotel's Branding


Before: Quincy Hotel's Branding

Make Yourself At Quincy

By putting guests at the heart of their brand, we celebrated the individuals who walked through the doors of Quincy Hotel. Their new playful tagline (Make Yourself at Quincy) reframed the hotel as a place for guests to be fully themselves – as if they were at home. This led us to craft a brand strategy and tone of voice that encapsulate Quincy Hotel’s anticipatory hospitality where the quirky and quintessential collided.

Welcoming Individuals Via Design

Basing the concept on “Welcoming Individuals”, we reflected what Quincy Hotel truly offers; quirkiness in all counts, from thoughtful spatial design to playful interiors and urban experiences, influenced by music, design and fashion. Using Quincy Hotel’s brand pillars of Express, Excite and Experience, we interpreted it to a comprehensive visual system that merged both form and function. 

Breaking out of the rigidity of Quincy Hotel’s existing logotype, we fused the characteristics of Quincy Hotel and guests – Confidence, Trendy and Fun – into bright colours, photography and illustrative shapes. We rejuvenated the brand by creating a distinct brand messaging, incorporating key brand assets that have the flexibility to scale across multiple channels for promotional and marketing needs.


A Personalised Touch

Taking into consideration the guest’s holistic experience from start to end, we developed collaterals that allowed for personal touches, adding warmth into pieces that previously didn’t capture Quincy’s Hotel’s bespoke services. This helped to brighten the brand’s presence and provide Quincy Hotel’s ambassadors to elicit a sense of pride when presenting them to guests.

Quincy Hotel’s rebranding boldly proclaimed their hospitality style; constantly inspired by their guests and those around them. We’re grateful for Quincy Hotel to take a chance to create something different and provide a human-centric design that reflects the breadth and depth of Quincy Hotel’s dedication to their craft.

Brand Strategy Crystallisation

Creative Direction, Art Direction & Graphic Design

Collateral Development