Welcoming The Arrival Of Spring With A Refreshed Take On Traditional Asian Motifs

Global Private Bank —
Chinese New Year Gift Set

Forming The Visual Identity

This Lunar New Year, we designed a luxurious gift set for a local financial institution as a token of appreciation for their stakeholders, ranging from partners to premium clientele.

The gift set featured a unified art direction designed to resonate with the bank’s ethos of progressiveness and modernism.


In our research and investigation of festive Chinese motifs, we were intrigued to uncover the symbolism behind the pairing of the Koi fish and Lotus flower to represent the powerful pictorial significance of success, determination and well-wishes in traditional Chinese culture.

Visual cues such as the flowers blossoming and fishes swimming upstream also mirror the bank’s core principles and the symbiotic relationships with their stakeholders.

A Modern Classic

Appealing to a contemporary audience, we created a master visual that spanned across two different red packet designs – a modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese landscape painting. The Koi fish and Lotus flower flow seamlessly and harmoniously into one another; togetherness in the same lake.

A combination of bold block colours was selected to enhance the freshness of the artwork where the vibrant spring hues of pinks, yellows and greens culminated in a joyous celebration of the occasion.


We experimented with a custom layering of five finishing techniques to convey a lush and polished appearance. Techniques such as debossing, embossing and foil stamping completed the final elegant look. 

Drawing from the overarching key visual, elements of the design were translated throughout the various components of the gift set. From the trimmings on the carrier bag to the colour stitching found on the pouch, much care was taken to elevate the user experience upon receiving the set.


"One of my favourite sets this year! Both designs form a beautiful picture!"


Pouches produced by Bynd Artisan

Abundance of Delight

The season of sharing was upon us with thousands of our gift sets were sent across Singapore and internationally to the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Philippines. The results were well-received by a number of recipients and red packet collectors, where an additional quantity was commissioned for print shortly after. 


Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design

Graphic Design & Development