We Partnered With IHRP To Showcase How Workplace HorroR Situations Can Have HappieR Endings With Their New Certified Associate Programme

IHRP — HR Stories Marketing Campaign

HR Excellence: A Resource for All

The Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) is Singapore’s main governing body for HR excellence. Looking to build awareness and drive take-up rates of their new Certified Associate programme (IHRP-CA), IHRP appointed OuterEdit to create a digital marketing campaign that introduces it to junior HR professionals looking to upskill their capabilities and thus empowering them to create an impact on their workplaces. 

Breaking away from the preconception of the HR industry being impersonal, we looked to deliver a friendlier brand experience that would attract and incentivise HR professionals to be certified. This led to the creation of HR Stories, where we added a human touch in the design and content strategy of the campaign.  


Work’s Complicated. Workplaces Shouldn’t Be.

HR Stories featured relatable bite-sized stories highlighting the importance of good HR practices in an insightful, humorous yet fresh manner, speaking to not just HR professionals, but the entire work organization (including employers and employees).


Engaging with viewers through their social media feed, we covered popular HR topics like onboarding, recruitment and employee benefits. Using real-life scenarios that were shared by the public, we showcased how workplace HorroR situations could have its own HappieR ending with proper HR management – skills that IHRP-CA programme prepares one for. Through these solutions, it also highlighted IHRP as a thought leader in the HR field with its approach to workplace dynamics.   


Telling Stories With Personality

We warmed the brand with personality and wit – a refreshing change from a typical corporate look – with our creative direction of punchier typography and colourful illustrations. This allowed the design to be easily adapted across omnichannel platforms to appeal to a broad range of audience. 

A microsite was developed for audiences to find out more about the certification and its value to them. The ‘HR Stories” section featured a compilation of authentic stories. Visitors were encouraged to anonymously contribute some of their own personal workplace stories, and a selection was adapted into content for the rest of the community to enjoy.

Placing the “Human” back in “Human Resources”

Through the sharing of real-life personal workplace ‘Woahs’ and ‘Woes’, newfound awareness and curiosity around progressive HR standards and the IHRP-CA programme were generated. We garnered more than 685,000 views through the various IHRP’s digital platforms about the IHRP-CA programme. Within two months, IHRP saw a significant increase in their analytics across all their channels such as +122% engagement rate (IG) and + 97% impression per post (LI). The campaign also laid the foundation for future marketing efforts, guiding IHRP on how to leverage their platforms for content longevity. 

With positive results and sentiments built from the campaign, we are excited to continue our partnership with IHRP as they appoint us to lead the marketing efforts for their other programmes. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with the IHRP team and spread the importance of HR practices.


Since day 1, OuterEdit has been such a dream team to work with! Their creativity, flexibility and delivery of what we wanted far exceeded our expectations. As this is a new product, they were able to come up with a complex and comprehensive proposal that took care of our branding, design, copywriting and social media needs. We were impressed by their efficiency and professionalism and the end products were of a high calibre.

Everyone at IHRP loves the fresh and creative visuals, and they were highly raved by our external stakeholders as well. OuterEdit also assisted us to bring our vision to life with their expertise and provided valuable inputs to direct this campaign well. This was definitely much appreciated since it was the first time we’ve done a digital marketing campaign.

– Kelly Khoo, Engagement & Outreach Manager at IHRP

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