Dressing OCBC ATMs to the Nines to Delight Their Audiences Through a New Consumer Experience 

OCBC Bank - ATM Dress-Up

A Brand New Consumer Experience

Leading the creative efforts for “The Great OCBC ATM Dress-Up” marketing campaign, we looked to advertise different OCBC’s offerings in an eye-catching manner through their ATMs – existing touchpoints that received high user traffic each day, but were ‘blind spots’ in terms of marketing messages.

Challenging the notion of ATMs as purely transactional moments, we sought to create an accessible and unexpected experience in the daily life of OCBC’s wide target audience. By reimagining the traditional structure of an ATM, we wanted to delight the public and help OCBC stand out amidst a competitive sector.


All Dressed Up: Re-designing the ATMs 

Inspiration was drawn from the various OCBC products and services to contextualise our designs, and we kept the messaging fresh, short and relatable. By doing so, we transformed spaces on the ATM from ‘blind spots’ – a challenge OCBC faced in their previous designs – to one that their users paid attention to.

This led to our series of 4 ATM themes:

1. Fun in the Sun:
We made a splash announcing to travellers OCBC’s travel rewards at cruise terminals

2. Freshly Popped:
Our popcorn boxes targeted moviegoers & millennials with OCBC’s partnership with cinemas

3. Local Delights:
Attracting foodies at popular historic hawker centres with Nonya kuehs

4. Groove through the Years:
A nod to the silver generation and planning ahead with OCBC for an enjoyable retirement


The Creative Process

Through our preliminary research, our team identified opportunities to leverage the boxy ATM shape while adding dynamic movement through embellishments on the roof. Adding to the immersive experience, we customised claddings and floor stickers to aid our narrative. The floor stickers also ensured user privacy by demarcating a safe distance from the next user in queue.


Complementing the various elements were catchy slogans to help viewers understand the different OCBC offerings. For example, our beach-inspired ATM for OCBC 90°N card encourages users to “Bask in more mileage rewards”, while our Kueh design invites you to bank “with a local taste”. The end result was a dynamic visual presence that stood out amongst the crowd. 

Striving for realism, we worked closely with local craftsmen to create the 3-Dimensional sculptural pieces, paying close attention to the details: from selecting the perfect hue to ensure popcorn kernels appeared tantalisingly “caramelised” to testing how sunglasses would best sit on the seagulls.


Adorned & Adored

Our dressed-up installations at the 9 different locations islandwide were a success, with curious passerby striking up conversations with us and reacting positively to the designs. Besides engaging crowds to use the machine and pay attention to OCBC’s communications of its offerings, it also captured media attention with a feature on Marketing Interactive, Asia’s leading source for advertising and marketing news, about OCBC’s unique contextual marketing messaging through our playful designs. 

As with all our other partnerships with OCBC, it was a pleasure developing their campaign and creating smiles for others (and ourselves!) with these ATM designs.


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