Collaborating for Good

Colabs Toolkit

Colabs is a community-based collaborative approach where diverse stakeholders come together to collectively unpack complex social issues. An initiative by National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), it is inspired towards co-creating solutions for social good.


Doing Our Part for the City of Good

We lent our hand at producing the toolkits for the Colabs framework, making available templates, techniques and resources to the community of change-makers. Embodying and representing the broader positive impact that NVPC has had on the community at large, our toolkit designs hope to support the written content with a visual experience that is brimming with bright, light and colourful optimism to help readers focus on the strength of “Good”.

We broke down the different frameworks into two separate toolkits – a full one and an abridged version. Reader-friendly templates and graphics encourage givers to move from creating solutions in silos to collaborating with others to achieve greater impact together. The lighter, truncated version offers a taste of the programme – it is styled in a more exciting, colourful and engaging manner with carefully condensed content.


A Human-Centric Design for a Human-Centric Purpose

To bring across the idea of “Coming together as a community to create a stronger City of Good”, our art direction for the NVPC Colabs toolkit features dots that symbolise individuals or groups joining efforts to create solutions targeted at societal complexities.

The energetic and fresh flat colour treatment are an extension of the “City of Good” brand, and we introduced tinted treatment on images to bring rhythm and excitement. At the same time, the distinctively-coloured chapters and sections in the publications aid in the ease of use. The toolkit is peppered with joyful pictures emphasising the emotional aspect of the human bonds created. Our final touch—UV spot finishing on the cover—helps shine a light on, and celebrate the value of volunteerism and empathy.


“We are pleased with OuterEdit’s creative process and output as they value-add by bringing different perspectives and ideas to the table. The team is receptive to changes and would go above and beyond to meet our requests and deliver beyond what was stipulated. It was a pleasure working with this friendly team! Would definitely recommend OuterEdit to any organisation open to exploring new and fresh ideas. Hope to work with them again someday!”

- Tasya Shahira, Colabs Partnerships Associate at NVPC


Creative Direction & Art Direction

Graphic Design & Development