We Paid Tribute to our Frontline Heroes with a Christmas Installation Like No Other

Celebrating Our Greatest Givers

Millenia Walk –
Celebrating Our Greatest Givers

Christmas Feature – d+a Magazine

Traditionally a time of giving, the greatest gifts for Christmas 2020 had been around us all year. We are pleased to have created a Christmas centrepiece for Millenia Walk that is of special significance as OuterEdit's sixth festival installation for the retail mall in a row.

The installation entitled “Celebrating Our Greatest Givers” paid tribute to our noble frontline heroes in an uplifting message of hope and strength as we emerged from a challenging year.


Trees of Light and Hope

Our 2020 Christmas installation took quite a different spin from past designs. Instead of a single tree, we created a family of four Christmas trees scattered around Millenia Walk's Great Hall, towering between three and six metres in height. They stood for the healthcare workers and volunteers who stepped up in a time of need, as well as the communities that they continued to care for.


Seated atop inviting circular carpets, each tree was encased in metal, which embodied the strength and resilience of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 period. The structures were painted in soothing pink, blue, green and yellow, symbolising the colours of healthcare uniforms. The interlocking meshed metal sheets depicted a warm embrace that provided assurance and a safe refuge for the 58 bauble lights that glowed from within, symbols of hope for brighter years to come.

Dimensions of light and shadow were cast by ribbons of perforated metal creating intriguing images of the trees from all angles. The installation made for a visual spectacle as photography enthusiasts enjoyed the aesthetic openness of the handpicked materials that interacted best with the lights that glowed from within. Shoppers were also invited to walk around & between the trees and take a moment to remember the commitment and sacrifices that have been made to make Christmas possible.


"The Christmas installations at Millenia Walk are always a great source of joy for shoppers, but this year is extra special. The brave sacrifices by frontline workers throughout the year have made it possible for us to celebrate Christmas safely with our loved ones. We hope that you will join us in honouring our greatest givers and brightest stars as we work together for a better 2021."

- Millenia Walk 


A Safe and Cohesive Festive Experience 

While designing the Christmas installation, we carefully ensured that every touchpoint within the landscape was designed using a cohesive design language. The Safe Distancing Measures (SDM) touchpoints we created were fully themed and coherent with the installation design so that shoppers can have a more seamless and immersive experience while being reminded of the safety measures. 


View the key visual and visual system we developed for this campaign here

1 Month + 5 Nights of Hardwork

We worked closely with our production partner, 2iDEAS, for the entire production process including choosing of materials, fabricating the different components of the installation and spray painting it with handpicked colours to match the hues of healthcare uniforms. It also took us 5 gruelling all-nighters to build the trees in the Great Hall at Millenia Walk, from constructing the foundation structures to layering the metal meshes and placing the bauble lights within. 


The Results In Turn Warmed Our Hearts

A 'gram and idyllic backdrop for photo opportunities, many shoppers featured the Trees on Instagram of which some included influencers like @shuutravels and @society.os.

We were also delighted to be featured on Weekender Singapore and Time Out Singapore as one of the top places to view the best festive displays and Christmas Trees. The simple yet meaningful design of the Trees was recognized by d+a Magazine on their Instagram page.

As we celebrated these heartwarming responses and emerged safely from 2020, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the dedicated frontline workers of Singapore. Let us all take a moment to remember their sacrifices and commitment that have made Christmas possible!

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