We Made Passion Possible, Exciting And Immersive With The Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore Tourism Board –
Passion Made Possible

Trailblazing Tribes

The objective for the Passion Made Possible Wave 2 brand launch by the Singapore Tourism Board was to introduce these three exciting tribes to the public: Action Seekers, Culture Shapers and Socialisers.

OuterEdit was the full-suite branding agency commissioned as the Creative Director for the event with the task to conceptualise and design immersive, experiential and welcoming environments inspired by the characteristics of each tribe.


Passion: Real And Up Close

Going beyond the typical event showcase format, our creative ‘up-close’ direction aimed to take audiences away from reality as they know it; and immerse them right at the heart of the tribe – first-hand, first-person experience and point of view. Through the perspectives of passionate individuals, guests can embark on the true way to uncover and experience the best of Singapore.  


#1: Playing fields
With The Action Seekers

Here, our main narrative sought to communicate how young dreams and aspirations when acted on with passion, determination and sacrifice can mature into reality. Inspired from a childhood drawing of a playing court by Passion Ambassador, Kyra Poh a.k.a. ‘Kyra The Flying Girl’, we recreated a grown-up version of the court to represent dreams coming true to life – fantasies, through commitment, was now real life.

Guests were transported to spaces of alter-reality – kaleidoscopes of art, discovery and possibilities.


Through a series of interactive activities, we encouraged guests to experience the adrenaline rush right at the heart of the action. Guests engaged in action-seeking fringe activities at various stations such as the 180º time-stop photo booth, e-games arena and punching bag corner.


Interactive and immersive: guests hanging out, having fun, and reaching to score new heights.

Hall Of Fame

The final touchpoint before the next segment featured a collection of real stories and artefacts from various key tribe personalities – an array of motivation, a visual reminder that all was possible and within reach.


#2: Kaleidoscop-ing
With The Culture Shapers

In this second space, our creative direction explored how ideas all can create a rippling, multiplying effect. Always evolving, a work-in-progress, ideas are the pulse of shaping a way of life and its individuals.


To visually communicate the impact of ideas, we conceptualised a larger-than-life Kaleidoscope Tunnel that collaged collections of Singapore-based illustrations, photographs and moving images, multiplied by strategic placement of mirrors.


These mirrors accentuated the kaleidoscopic effect; what guests saw in the tunnel changed with each movement, symbolising Singapore’s unique amalgamation of culture that never stops progressing and changing.


This idea of an ever-evolving culture was brought further to life the next year when our Kaleidoscope Tunnel art piece travelled to London, as a large wall animation for the ‘Singapore: Where Explorers Meet’ festival. Together with Esther Goh, we identified key Singaporean icons - Chilli Crab, Merlion, Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and blocks of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats - to create eight patterned hexagons that rotated endlessly in an animated tapestry.

First, Mirrors. Then, Echoes

Past the Kaleidoscope Tunnel, the guest experience evolved deeper with further artistic expressions of life. The Tearaway Poster masterpiece carried an awakening message by Passion Made Possible Culture Shaper ambassador Jahan Loh: "Art echoes life, as both are ever evolving".


3 different artworks by Singaporean creatives - Urban Explorers by 8EyedSpud, Flypast Sunset by Fong Qi Wei and City in a Garden by Mightyellow - were used to create the layers of posters. Each artwork was formed by rows of individual posters, and the idea of one choice shaping culture and society was brought to life - each time a guest detached a poster from the wall, a new poster design revealed itself, evolving the overall art piece.


#3: Partying up
With The Socialisers

The night of inspirations and aspirations were brought to a raving finish. In a speak-easy, one-night-only space, we opened the floor to facilitate what the Socialisers do best – connect.


At first glance, guests found themselves feeling at home in a cosy living room setting. Is that all?


Not a chance for the Socialiser: Hidden behind a wall, guests entered a high-energy secret party in full swing, where Passion Made Possible ambassadors and personalities are creating a great time for the guests - Vijay & his team from Native, DJ Koflow, Vanessa Fernandez , and smooth mixes by DJs from Zouk.


The dancefloor knows no bounds – it’s all about dancing, living and connecting.


News Front & Centre

This event found itself on the front page of The Straits Times the very next day, growing exceeding awareness for Singapore Tourism Board and all our featured talents and artists.


Thank you to Singapore Tourism Board for this wonderful opportunity, as well as the following creatives for your partnership & trust:

DJ Koflow
Esther Goh
Eugene Soh
Fong Qi Wei
Vanessa Fernandez
DJs from Zouk

Creative Direction

Art Direction & Graphic Design


Spatial Design
OuterEdit & Kingsmen

Production & Event Management