We Reinvented The Classics At Temasek Suite During The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Temasek Suite –
F1 Singapore Grand Prix

The Modern Classic

OuterEdit was appointed to serve as the Creative Director of the Temasek Suite, overseeing the conceptualisation, branding and design of the exclusive hospitality venue that hosted VVIP guests and dignitaries over the race weekend.

Gearing up for the 11th year of the Singapore Grand Prix, our design approach was inspired by the icon that Formula 1 racing has truly become, and how this classic had been reimagined in Singapore. In a similar way, our theme, ‘The Classics Reinvented’ aimed to interpret Singaporean heritage in new and refreshing ways.


Our suite identity design: Swirls represented flow, speed and progress. Modern yet somehow nostalgic


The night’s tour guide came in a handy book that introduced guests to the highlights within the suite.


Enter Temasek Suite

Our proposed suite brand identity design was designed to carry meaning and elevate the suite experience with consistency and longevity in mind. Representing its inventive nature, the Temasek Suite logo design exudes rich meaning in every detail: each line and arc symbolises continuous flow and progress, evolving to define the true character of the suite.

The use of lowercase letters conveys fresh visual identity, adaptable across all mediums from printed suite collaterals to wayfinding and feature walls. The logo was designed for longevity, and can easily be refreshed for a meaningful facelift each year.


Bringing The Suite Identity To Life

Our creative direction within the suite was to communicate the idea of reinvention from the very moment guests arrive. Working together with interior design firm LAANK, every detail was considered to include immaculate space planning, environment design, luxe fittings and engaging colour schemes that drew inspiration from some of Singapore’s classic themes and presented them with a modern twist. Each space was curated for impact – bespoke art pieces done in collaboration with local artists served as focal points along the trail of immersive experiences.


Arrival At The Welcome Lounge

In the Welcome Lounge, brass trims and accents on the walls added warm hospitality to the modern classic fusion. We worked with artists from Pathlight to contrast the ‘classics’ with the ‘reinvented’. The aisle of artwork featured swashes of colours, adding vibrant pops to the space.

The welcome lounge offered a grand sense of arrival for guests, as well as an introduction of the night’s main theme: the classics reinvented.


Modern Masterpieces Along The Gallery Walkway

Six local artists were commissioned to create illustrations for our gallery space. Each section featured photographs of old Singapore icons, which the artists used as inspiration to create, interpret and design their modern reinvented renditions.


Art, reinvented: Artists recreated classic icons to symbolise progress and continuity


Indulgence At The Dining Hall

Here, guests wined, dined and enjoyed the night on comfortable cushioned suede seats. Graphic design elements of “The Classic Reinvention” were consistent throughout - we used Merlion scales as a pattern on the pillars, while the design of the Central Bar was inspired by classic architecture.


Slow In The Fast Lane

TS X was where guests were invited to take the night slow and savour the race, whether they chose to do it indoors or outdoors to be near the racetrack. A 5-metre bar counter anchored the space, while a combination of different seating arrangements allowed for more intimate conversations and socialising.


Creative Direction, Art Direction & Graphic Design


Interior Design


Pathlight's The Art Faculty
Jonathan Cai, Glenn Phua, Lester Tan

Mas Shafreen 

Jonathan Lim 

Arai Kreva  

Elizabeth Shana Kamaldin 

Candice Phang 

Lolita Chiong