Find Cheer and an Inspirational Spark at the MW Happy Park

Millenia Walk - 
Happy Park Installation

In line with Millenia Walk’s tradition of doing things differently, OuterEdit is proud to introduce a first-of-its-kind initiative that bridges wellness and design within a retail mall space.

The world is ever-changing, constantly on the move, and truth be told, also increasingly difficult to keep up at times. With more on our minds, hands, and hearts than ever before, it is no surprise we often find ourselves feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and burnt out. Amidst all this, there is no better time than now to be intentional in adopting a shift in mindset — to slow down, choose joy, and always make the best of any circumstance.

In response to living in today’s fast-paced society, our brand strategy brought us to the creation of MW Happy Park, a love letter to the Millenia Walk community and its surrounding neighbourhood for the year ahead. It stands as a steadfast reminder to be good to ourselves, to take breaks when needed and to look forward to joyful encounters that await around every corner.

OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation

Happiness is More Than Just A Smiley Face

The journey begins with a flexible and dynamic visual language that seeks to push the boundaries of how joy can be expressed, through free-form shapes and playful typography. Visitors may encounter these bold, vibrant pieces of graphic design throughout the mall’s spatial environment. Take a closer look at our MW Happy Park brand design here!

OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation
OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation
OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation

Welcome to the Happy Pavilion

As you head towards the Great Hall, you will be greeted by the MW Happy Pavilion — a thoughtful and inviting space that not only draws from a shelter and place of rest at a park but one that can also be seen as an experimental structure, further showcasing how brand experiences can both stand out and stand for something meaningful. The pavilion, over 13m in height, was built by a highly-skilled team from KYC Scaffolding Pte Ltd over a span of 6 nights.

OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation


The pavilion is also complemented with seating pods dressed up in MW Happy Park branding, a soundscape, and pockets of inspiration to encourage visitors to rest, reflect and experience happiness in different forms and ways.

OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation
OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation

A Fun Play on Words

The structure is swathed in over 70 sheets of white fabric, bringing focus to seven larger-than-life banners from within. These banners, flushed in soothing colour washes reveal a message that leads to happiness however you look at it…

OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation
OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation
OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation


The message takes the form of a palindrome enabling visitors to read the message forwards and backwards. This ties back to MW Happy Park’s overall concept of discovering joy from different perspectives. For fans of design, our creative agency customised an ambigram typeface especially for the middle banner as a way for us to further reinforce the overarching narrative, as well as encourage visitors to be curious, intrigued and engaged to “uncover happiness”.

“Everyone deserves to know that happiness, while not always easy to find, is usually within reach and staring brightly at you in your face. All that’s needed sometimes is a bit of space and a change in perspective.”

Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design by

Pavilion Structure by 
KYC Scaffolding Pte Ltd

Carpentry Works by

Fabric Prints by

Lighting by

With Special Thanks To
Melvin Ong
Pixie Tan
Robert Tsu

Photography by
Khoo Guo Jie