Notes on Finding Happiness Amidst the Chaos 

Millenia Walk - 
Happy Park Campaign Branding


The world is constantly moving and ever-changing. With more on our minds, hands, and hearts than ever before, it is no surprise that we often feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and burnt out. 

In response to living in today’s fast-paced society, we conceptualised The MW Happy Park as Millenia Walk’s love letter to the community — a heartfelt reminder to slow down and be good to ourselves, add a skip to our step, and always be excited about the new experiences and perspectives that await every corner.


Love, Millenia Walk

“The world is a little rough,
but there’s a joyful place amid the hubbub.
A quiet bliss – if you’re savvy enough.
Happiness isn’t exclusive or one of a kind.
It’s around every corner, in whatever you might find.
We’re spreading positivity as you can tell.
After all, you’ve had to brave, forgoing the things you crave,
it’s time to treat yourself well.
Cherish every moment, share it with your community
Against discontent, we shall build immunity!
Welcome to the feel-good event of the year.
A heartfelt reminder to be proud we made it here."


Discovering Joy from Different Perspectives

 In the spirit of new perspectives, we decided to break free from how a mall campaign is traditionally executed and developed the MW Happy Park key visual design first as a flexible and dynamic identity system. We envisioned the MW Happy Park as a vibrant, and immersive space that evokes curiosity, wonder, and a sense of contentment in those who encounter it. This is then brought to life through depictions of free-form shapes, and a euphoric colour palette signifying the varying expressions of joy and optimism. The elements are framed with a typeface lock-up for consistency across Millenia Walk’s communication collaterals from print to digital, while also ensuring the visuals are showcased in fresh ways at each touch-point.


OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation

Ushering In The New Year With Positivity and Blessings

The visual system was also extended across Millenia Walk’s red packets, resulting in a contemporary take on red packet designs. Carrying MW Happy Park’s message about slowing down and spreading positivity, the red packets feature a space for writing heartfelt messages to your loved ones. From the speckles that give you a glimpse of Happy Park’s vibrant colour palette, to the gold emboss details and the intentional little spaces to squeeze in a loving message to your family and friends, every touchpoint was carefully considered to bring thoughtfulness, joy and delight.


Find the Moment Happiness Kindles Within

The MW Happy Pavilion is MW Happy Park’s main centerpiece. Standing at over 13 meters high, this is the tallest installation to grace The Great Hall and served as a place of rest and recuperation for the community to stop and bask in the joy of having triumphed over challenges past. Upon entering the pavilion, visitors may encounter seating pods with self-care messages and seven larger-than-life banners that reveals a unique message. A palindrome with an ambigram of the word “happiness” at its heart is printed on warm colours of soft fabric. Happiness emanates from within.

Curious to see more of the MW Happy Park installation? Read more here!



OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation
OuterEdit_MW Happy Park_Installation

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design & Development by

Copywriting by
We and Me

With special thanks to
Melvin Ong, Pixie Tan and Robert Tsu

Installation Photography by
Khoo Guo Jie