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Singapore Grand Prix

After a 2 year hiatus, the F1 Singapore Grand Prix was back in full gear in 2022! As part of  the pre-race weekend festivities, we are grateful to have been given an opportunity to create an activation that brings local communities together in celebration of the exhilarating F1 race experience.

Marking the return of Singapore’s F1 night race on the city streets, we sought to create an experience that celebrated the return of physical events, while also spotlighting the heart and innovation behind F1.



Where Passion Meets Innovation

Embodying the collaborative efforts we see in F1 teams, while bringing out a strong sense of community in our activation, we brought local artists HAFI & 8EyedSpud to create murals that reflected the blood, sweat and tears that go into the sport we know and love today.

Each mural represents contrasting traits integral to the success of F1, Passion and Innovation. Cool colours and geometric shapes embody the strategic and logical thinking that goes into engineering better and faster cars, while warm colours and organic, flowy shapes communicate the heartfelt, emotional resonance that drives the Passion for the sport.


Invigorating High Energy Visuals

To create a cohesive look and feel for the overall activation, we designed a supporting visual system that was employed across an array of touch points surrounding the artwork.

Handheld props were also designed and fabricated to encourage visitors to have a light-hearted and integrated photo-taking experience with the murals.


Project HEARTLand

Adding another dimension to the activation experience, unique AR filters were created for the public to enjoy the physical artworks, and yet still share their experience with their community in a digitally forward way.


The assets created for the AR filter were a collaborative effort between the local artists HAFI & 8EyedSpud, and the participants from a ground-up conclusive local arts movement, ‘Superhero Me’. Over a creative workshop held earlier in the year, the artists and participants worked together to create visual assets that were to be incorporated into the AR filters that brought the murals to life on Instagram.

The physical murals were part of Singapore Grand Prix’ ‘Race On Festival’, where the exhilarating hype of the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix Race Weekend was brought to the heartlands.


On-ground and in the local news, we were so proud to witness, our local politicians interacting with the participants, artists, murals and having a go at our AR filters.


After making stops at multiple locations through the heartlands, the interactive murals were installed at their final destination in the Circuit Park for fans and spectators to enjoy and make fond memories with over race weekend.


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