Welcoming Spring in High Spirits!

Millenia Walk –
Springing Into High Spirits CNY' 23

Under a new brand direction, we continued to take big leaps to new beginnings for the Lunar New Year with Millenia Walk. More than a place, MW Creative Neighbourhood celebrates the community and acts as a gathering for people prospering in the heart of creativity, innovation and stories—each individual bringing the neighbourhood to life in full bloom. 

Following a successful Christmas initiative, we were invigorated by the positive response and impact it had on how festive installations can be designed with sustainability, authenticity, and nature in mind. This helped lay the foundation and became the guiding principle of our design approach and strategy into the new year.


Celebrating the Spirit of Togetherness with a ‘Hoppy’ Reunion

Transitioning from Christmas into the Lunar New Year, we repurposed the MW Seed Tree, adorning the overall structure with familiar CNY motifs to provide a renewed, differentiated, and authentic festive experience at The Great Hall.

Welcoming the year of the rabbit, we invited others to experience a fluffle of fun and festivities with our renewed and refreshed festive installation entitled The Hop-Up Pop-Up where rabbit sculptures of various sizes gather at the Great Hall for a joyful reunion. A mix of gold and holographic ornaments was hung from the seating blocks, the reflective material catching the light for extra festive cheer and photo-worthy opportunities. 



Expanding our exploration into local crafts and upcycled materials this season, and true to the spirit of collaboration, we joined forces with two talented local artists to bring the bunnyscape to life. We invited master crafter, Bartholomew, who goes by the moniker ButterNmilk, to design and assemble 8 extraordinary larger-than-life cardboard rabbits —some of them towering at four metres high! Bursting with colour and textures were delicate, hand-crafted flowers made by Pei Li, also known as Pei-Per Flower. Made out of paper and organza, the flowers transformed into a blooming garden, enlivening the surrounding area.

This partnership not only enriched the festive installation but also fostered a sense of unity and pride within our local creative community. A key pillar of the MW Creative Neighbourhood brand direction is to support, uplift and showcase local creative talent, providing opportunities for them to also shine through this entire initiative. It was an exciting process to witness how these upcycled materials were transformed into beautiful works of art, with each piece a reflection of the distinctive craftsmanship and the unwavering passion that went into the artists’ creation.


A Community that Paints Together, Thrives Together

The sense of community did not stop there as it continued to grow with the programme. Firmly believing that strength lies in numbers, we extended the invitation to the Millenia Walk community to make their mark, breathing life and colour into the bunnyscape installation. Inspired by the values that the MW Creative Neighbourhood is anchored on, we crafted a set of stencils that represent various hopes and wishes for the new year, allowing participants of all ages to express their creativity in simple and accessible ways.



Joyous Pairings

A time of gathering, community and reunion, it was important that the visual system for the ‘Springing Into High Spirits’ initiative fully captured and translated the essence of the festive period.⁠ Through the MW Creative Neighbourhood, we wanted to celebrate individuality, and how singular uniqueness can become so strong when many individuals band together to form a community—creating a movement larger than the sum of its parts.

This was further shown through its intentional and thoughtful use of graphical elements. The various visual communications deployed across the mall feature a seamless blend of typography, blossoming floral motifs, and geometric shapes to illustrate the idea joyous beginning of Spring and unity with a modern twist.


Where Leap Meets Bounds

A playful extension of the visual system and brand experience was extended to the red packet design. Curated as a pair, each design is distinct with its own individual personality. However, when placed side-by-side, the pair creates a fluid design that can go on forever, symbolising boundless joy and prosperity.⁠ Incorporating the various details and special finishings, it offers a depth of textures, evoking an air of delight and optimism through its rhythmic placement of circles that seem to float upwards to the infinite possibilities of the future.


Onwards and Upwards

Crafted with a keen focus on longevity, the adorable rabbits have joyfully found their new homes in various locations within Millenia Walk. As integral members of the MW Creative Neighbourhood, they stand as delightful symbols of the community's collaborative spirit, echoing the heartfelt wishes and heartwarming messages shared for the year.

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