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Girls' Brigade Singapore

As one of Singapore's oldest Uniformed Youth Organisations, it was important for Girl's Brigade Singapore (GBS) to refresh its resources and image as a uniformed group to resonate with a new generation of youth that is deeply entwined with the digital world.

With that in mind, OuterEdit is proud to have partnered with GBS to develop a more relevant brand voice, ensuring their collaterals resonate with the modern-day GBS Girl. One that was more approachable, friendlier, and more importantly, accessible to guide adolescent girls during a key developmental phase.

Through the refresh, we hope to effectively impart GBS values in a way that would excite and raise the girls' interest in uniformed groups, equipping girls with leadership skillsets to redefine themselves and the world. 

Empowering Leaders of Today

“Everyone is a leader—even if the only person they’re leading is themselves. GBS is here to equip them, and also help them not journey alone.”

The quote above is one of the things GBS shared with us that stuck during one of our preliminary discussions. The significance of these words stood out to us, and from there, we sensed a certain pressure, passion, purpose and pride to ensure we got it right.

Before diving into the design groove, we took time to research, identify and develop a series of strategic pillars through which all design efforts would be channelled. This included the need to enhance the learning experience, to co-create memories with the reader, to engender a sense of pride, and to create meaningful and memorable experiences for the girls, which they may always refer back to as a moral compass for their future selves.



A Life Compass

Meant to appeal to a wide spectrum of age groups (ages 8-16), the GBS handbook and badges are one of the cornerstones of a GBS girl experience. The handbooks provide essential information and active learning for girls to explore their interests and passions. Through these experiences, badges will be given, sharing with others what she has accomplished.

Understanding the significance of these items, we looked beyond the functional aspects of the collaterals to give equal weightage to both form and function. This led to our big question: How can we capture the GBS curriculum within the handbooks and badges in a manner that is engaging, timeless, collaborative and cohesive for all GBS girls from their primary to secondary years and beyond? From there, we anchored our creative approach, content strategy and design upon those 4 key principles.


Returning to GBS’ quote, we were inspired to have these collaterals serve as a guide. Rather than just an informational tool, it’s a companion capturing the growing moments of the readers’ lives, while still providing relevant advice in seasons well beyond their GBS days, strengthening the enduring connection between GBS and its readers. Ultimately, accompanying the readers' journey of personal and spiritual development, providing a foundation for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service.


A Journey of Self-Discovery

Drawing parallels from a compass, the handbook is intended to be a tool that gives direction and guides every girl in identifying her true north. Through its pages, the handbook intends to bring each individual on an experiential journey of learning and growing into a GBS Girl. The handbook is also a keepsake from her growing-up years; a sentimental piece that is close to her heart. It is a memento that encapsulates her core values and something that she can always refer back to as a moral compass for her future self.

In an unapologetically feminine manner, the art direction references elements that pertain to a GB girl on a journey with motifs such as maps and checkpoints. These elements are translated into graphics that spark a sense of adventure while exuding youthfulness and childlike wonder in the journey of becoming. Illustrations are bursting with expressive energy, interlaced with handwritten scribbles, organic textures and lines inspired by a spirit of adventure.


A Handy Resource

The handbook content was split into 4 main pillars that would be engaging and age-appropriate for the readers. This included: information about GBS, tips to live our various traits of a Servant Leader, engaging activities and a journaling section with guided questions to encourage deeper reflection over teachings. By restructuring the handbook's content, it unfolds into a journey of self-expression, ensuring each reader can meaningfully participate in their learning in a conducive manner.

Inspired by GBS's belief that everyone can be a leader, the handbook is structured to invite interaction, reflection and personalisation. Softer colours create a sense of warmth, while visual elements of the iconic GB uniform lends a connection to GBS' history—serving as a constant reminder that there is far more in a girl's journey in the Girls' Brigade than wearing a common uniform.


Badge of Honour

With the visual system in place, we looked to refresh GBS’ family of badges (all 56 of them!). Infusing it with the same exuberant spirit, the badges were stylized to delight and encourage readers to explore their passions and foster a love for learning and personal growth.

Examining the entire badge family, we went down to the nitty-gritty. We reviewed the various categories, pairing flat geometric illustrations and a colourful tri-tone palette that not only brightened the overall look but systematically categorised the badges via the various subjects and levels.

The results? Transforming the badges into exciting accessories the girls would wear with pride.


Welcoming a New Generation

Upon its first run, 3,000 copies were distributed island-wide to 73 participating schools affiliated with the GBS programme. The production of the handbook was done cost-effectively, allowing GBS to keep the book’s retail price at an accessible and inclusive price point for girls of all backgrounds.

As part of GBS’s much larger efforts to transform the image of uniformed groups to be more approachable, the new collaterals reflect a more relevant image of the organisation’s identity, softening a 96-year-old military-like culture, with content appealing to girls with differing personalities.

We are thankful for our partnership with GBS and we hope to honour their legacy, supporting their values through thoughtful communications to create meaningful memories as the girls grow into the female leaders of tomorrow.


Creative Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design & Strategy by

Print Production by
Allegro Print

Illustrations by
OuterEdit & Radhiah Anis

Photography by
Nic Loh