The past months of isolation brought by COVID-19 have created a shared experience that has made us feel so alone, yet at the same time, so connected to our friends, family and community around the world. Amidst the chaos, there have been opportunities for introspection, and for the more creative ones, an avenue to explore and uncover new ways to redeem some sort of normalcy in our lives. ⠀

While we are all different, we are all people united in our individual attempts to brave this storm and we have invited creatives around the globe to share personal insights, musings, things and moments that have uplifted them while facing the challenges introduced in each of our lives by the COVID-19 global pandemic.⠀

Through this initiative, we hope to stand united with the global creative community to celebrate and support each other as we attempt to navigate these new and uncharted waters together. Communication has never been easier; allowing us to connect digitally via a series of URLs, and we hope this unorthodox interview will let others relate with each other in deeper and more candid ways, beyond the glossy exteriors of our portfolios, as though we were meeting as friends IRL. ⠀

A big thank you to everyone who has supported and participated in this initiative from near and far.
#urltoirl #makemeaningfulmatter

Catch the full series here: