Celebrating The Clan Values Of Kinship & Unity Across Generations Through Design

The inaugural Street of Clans was a local creative festival and a passion project by OuterEdit as a district activation and key programme of Singapore Design Week 2019.

Held for a full weekend along Bukit Pasoh Road (Singapore) between 8 to 10 March, Street of Clans was a full road closure event comprising numerous design installations, neighbourhood discoveries, live music, talks, workshops, food and drinks by local and locally-based creatives, clans, brands, and businesses with the shared goal of celebrating the clan values of ‘kinship’ and ‘unity’ within our community, and sharing the heritage and stories of our Clans in new ways.

Settling on what became known as the ‘Street of Clans’, many Clans associations were established here to combine and organise their resources to help one another forge a better future. It was the values of ‘kinship’, ‘unity’, ‘honesty’, ‘integrity’, ‘selflessness’, and ‘lending a helping hand’ that inspired the nature, identity and message of Street of Clans.

Street of Clans

Shortlisted as 'Design of the Year' for Singapore's President*s Design Award 

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Since the start of OuterEdit in 2011, we have always believed our work should never revolve around us, but the mission we set our minds to, no less the brands & communities we wish to serve.

Street of Clans was our attempt to draw together our deep appreciation for the heritage that exists on Bukit Pasoh Road and our love for the local creative community that we are proud to be a part of.


Festival Branding

When it came to developing and designing the branding Street of Clans, we knew that we wanted to create a visual system that was rooted in culture, but done in a fresh way. Drawing from local heritage icons that people were familiar with, like olden tiles and motifs that could be found on shophouses, we remixed these icons with bold, bright colours to create a modern and relevant visual identity.

A major objective we had was inclusivity, and welcoming people of all ages and races to Street of Clans. In our branding, we showcased that through a translation of “creative festival” across all 4 major Singaporean languages. The festival logo was also designed to showcase the idea of kinship and community through an original illustration of the commonly-known idiom “in the same boat” - used to describe people who are sharing similar experiences.


The festival visual system was then rolled out across the different platforms for Street of Clans - from our dedicated website, to social media as well as on-ground branding and merchandise to create a suite of attractive and exciting visuals and products!

In the days and months leading up to the festival, our schedules were filled with conversations with the partners, collaborators, sponsors and neighbourhood stakeholders whom we had invited to join forces with to bring the festival to life.

While one of our original goals for Street of Clans was to attract 20 partners, we ended up working with more than 90 partners across a range of fields from illustration, to set design, fashion, music, F&B, graphic design, light design, production design, pottery and so on.


Clan Open Doors

Attendees were given exclusive access to take a walk in the clan houses to discover the clans’ stories and explore interactive installations by local designers, inspired by the values (unity, kinship, embracing our culture and bettering the next generation) that the clans were established on.


Let The Good Times Roll (Unity)



感情 [Gam Zeng] (Bettering The Next Generation)

Chin Kang Huay Kuan x Ong Lijie


Family Ties (Kinship)

Gan Clan x Matthew Sia


For The Love Of Opera (Embracing Our Culture)

Tung On Wui Kun x Binary Style and SCENE SHANG

Neighbourhood Discoveries

As part of the creative festival, our neighbours along Bukit Pasoh Road were also invited to take part in Neighbourhood Discoveries for festival goers to get to know the Bukit Pasoh community a little better. From illustrators in bars, to cafes and restaurants, to talks in bookshops and workshops, there was something for everyone to discover.


Design Talks

Our design talks gave participants front-row seats to conversations with our local creative community. Covering topics such as what is design, starting out as a creative in Singapore, using heritage in fresh ways, how to invigorate a family business as a younger generation brand owner and creating a brand that people love, the panels of speakers shared their stories, doled out their tried-and-true tips and other nuggets of wisdom. 

Missed the talks? Tune in to these conversations on our YouTube page.

Workshops & Masterclasses

The workshops & masterclasses invited attendees to try their hand at different crafts and skills like hand-building pottery, wine-tasting and journaling, and share the experience with their friends, family, and even strangers to form a modern clan - a community of people with similar interests.


Street Celebration

Out on the street, the festival was buzzing with community painting sessions, a flotilla of boats, street beats and live music coming together to form a kaleidoscopic explosion of things to do, see and play with.


Sharing the
Street of Clans story

We were very honoured and humbled at the multiple opportunities we were given to share our story of Street of Clans with local and overseas media - from Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao, to radio interviews on air with 93.8LIVE and Capital 95.8FM, to CityNomads and Honeycombers and more.

We’re proud to share that over 5000 people attended the festival over the 3 days, and Street of Clans was covered in over 30 media platforms, with a combined reach of more than 500 million people!


We learnt so much from this festival, and more than just the numbers that we got, we were so heartened to hear that festival goers of all ages enjoyed themselves too - we spotted young adults speaking to the uncles of the clan associations to learn more about the clans’ stories, and children interacting with the illustrators. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Street of Clans, whether as a festival goer, a volunteer, a creative partner or collaborator, or sponsor!

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