Creating New Ways To Play With Hafary Tiles

Lookbox Design Asia 2019

A Celebration Of Hafary’s Sheer Diversity Of Home Materials

In collaboration with Hafary and InDesignLive, it was our privilege and honour to design a feature backdrop design for the prestigious Lookbox Design Awards.

A celebration of creativity through a fun and unexpected use of Hafary’s tiles, the backdrop is a tip of the hat to their sheer ever-changing diversity of tile colours, textures, shapes and characters that have encouraged the creation of fresh, unique and personalised homes for decades.


Breaking From The 'Sea Of Same'

Showcasing an unexpected use of Hafary’s tiles for the Lookbox Design Awards feature backdrop, we were inspired by the rolling elements of the 'tic tac toe' game commonly found in many public playgrounds across Singapore. Creating seven giant revolving columns clad in a collection of premium tiles, each spin presented guests with a surprise change in colour and a reimagined use of the 'Mai Triangolo' tile.


Every Engagement A Unique Experience

We wanted guests to look forward to seeing something fresh with every turn, and to encourage them to spin the columns to create their own unique backdrop for their selfies or even enjoy the columns in motion on film, or boomerang in celebration with others.

We had a fantastic time collaborating with Hafary and InDesignLive on this project and we were heartened to witness so many people interacting with the backdrop on the actual awards night. Thank you all once again for having us onboard this wonderful and meaningful adventure.


Creative Direction, Experience Design,
Graphic Design & Development