Creating Meaningful Childlike Moments Through Simple Christmas Fascinations

Millenia Walk –
Return To Wonderland

Moments Together

Yet another year had shot by in a blink of an eye and it was once again time to celebrate Christmas in true Millenia Walk style.

We knew from past projects that Millenia Walk takes pride in its positioning as a private indoor shopping street, let alone one that is just as interested in a shopper's overall wellbeing, as with their variety of one-of-a-kind tenant offerings.

Beyond another functional Christmas campaign, we hoped to create a highly differentiated experience that tapped on the emotional aspects of Christmas, and gave our community of shoppers wonderful opportunities to enjoy moments together. Enter Millenia Walk Return to Wonderland, a joyful Christmas celebration, and a reminder of a time where life was more carefree, and where we stood with wide-eyed wonderment at the world around us.


An Urban Christmas Parkscape

The centrepiece was designed to look like it was straight out of a storybook, with a giant tree inspired by Scandinavian wooden toy trees in the middle, surrounded by a life-sized toy train that doubled as seats, and whimsically-shaped trees dotting the area.

The weekends saw many families gathered in the area, taking photos and creating memories, with children and parents alike darting in and out of the main tree to play hide-and-seek. The on-ground structures became more than just decor, but a space for people to spend time with their families and let their imagination come alive once again.


“We need more creative playgrounds... The shift towards functional and safe has made play spaces sterile and boring, even the youngest kids recognise that.”

— @rarrz


Deck The Halls

Packaging the essence of the campaign together with the must-see communication points, we assisted with the creation of a key visual which we later translated to a suite of other touch points to spread Christmas cheer throughout the alleyways and hallways of Millenia Walk.

Such collateral included giant murals, elevator doors, posters, tent cards, street banners, and wooden Christmas ornaments for good measure.


Curated Weekend Markets

As part of the Millenia Walk’s programming over the festive period, some of the best crafters and creators from Singapore and the region were specially invited to participate in the weekend markets and workshops. Guests to Millenia Walk got to enjoy the lively banter, gift buying and sharing with the market vendors, each with their own skills, backgrounds, and passions.


A National Christmas Highlight

To our pleasant surprise, Millenia Walk’s Christmas tree was featured in the Straits Times as one of the highlights of the festive season for the second time in two years. The fondness for the Christmas centrepiece also spread to social media, where it garnered multiple posts of praise from shoppers.

Creative Concept & Art Direction

Graphic Design & Development