We Celebrated The Nation’s Drivers Of Change At The F1 Singapore Suite

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix - Singapore Suite

The Garden City Takes The Wheel

Singapore is a bustling nation of thriving cityscapes and towering landmarks. Here is where fast-paced is the only pace we’re used to. Where are we heading next? Not a clue. What we know is that the only constant is change, and this goes back to the founding years of Singapore.

Over the years, this nation has unwaveringly pushed the boundaries to excel and exceed. Despite obstacles and setbacks, we are driven by the relentless resilience to charge ahead and evolve bigger, better, and more bustling than ever.


With This, Came A Winning Formula

When the OuterEdit team was approached to conceptualise and design the Singapore Suite, we were inspired by the parallels between Singapore’s spirit of resilience and a racer’s tenacity to win – we celebrated the drivers of change, right in the ever-evolving heart of our garden city. 

Singapore Suite 2019 is designed to mirror our discerning audience – a prestigious class of C-suite executives, Government agency leaders, as well as members of the local and international media. Here, we got to celebrate the vision and aspirations of our pioneers. From the core values that have guided us, to the milestones that drove us to greater heights, this begins the journey of Singapore’s dreams and achievements.

A Bold Identity

The symbol is an amalgam of the ‘double S’ letterforms derived from the starting letters in Singapore Suite. The overlapping effect visually represents the past and present Singapore. Lines cleverly join the two letters to symbolise unity and resilience, a strong foundation that holds us together.

The suite booklet showcases highlights of the race weekend and doubles up as a keepsake that captures the concept of the suite. The metallic exterior cover portrays the sleek contemporary Singapore, juxtaposed with a lush garden-clad cityscape on the interior cover. Past, present, modern, nature, and progression, all at a glance.


Every Detail Matters

It took us over 6 months from the proposal of the suite design to the final unveiling during the Formula One weekend. What we learned from Singapore’s determination and resilience, we applied it here. Countless hours were spent poring over every single detail: how does this material add meaning and purpose to the concept? How would this feature elevate the guest experience? How can we push everything to the next level? 

All was possible thanks to everyone involved in the process. We tapped on the expertise of various collaborators to make the suite a reality. From the production team to the furniture designers, landscapers, and artists of the original artworks, every partner played a crucial role to bring this suite concept to full fruition.


The Grand Tour Starts Here

Step into Sky 1, and be instantly transported into the tropics and away from the bustle. In commemorating Singapore’s bicentennial year, the lounge area is designed for a relaxing, slow-paced atmosphere with lush overgrown natural greenery, with lounge furniture made of rattan and bamboo adding a nostalgic touch. 

A prominent feature of the suite is the Central Bar, fashioned after a tree that extends up into Sky 2. Filled with foliage and set in natural materials, it represents the strong foundation and resilient core of Singapore. 


At the Garden of Dreams and Aspirations, guests are invited to create their own fragrant tea blend with local artisanal company, Kindred Tea, using native ingredients such as jasmine, lemongrass, dried ginger and chrysanthemum.

Ginger and chrysanthemum flowers are weaved into the suspended floral arrangement by Triceratops too, visually representing the dreams and aspirations of our pioneers in full bloom.

Where guests dine, the simple dining set-up is paired with traditional rattan chairs, against a rustic backdrop that showcases artworks titled, ‘The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts (Part 1)’, by local artists.

Tying in with Singapore’s Bicentennial, the art pieces by Zoey Wong and Teo Huey Min honour a World War II heroine, Elizabeth Choy and how the environment shapes us.


Up the Stairway Through Time

After a hearty meal, walk up and move ahead in time. This space is the perfect canvas to show how much Singapore has blossomed over the years. Inspired by ventilation bricks found in traditional communities, the custom-built wall allows for breathing space while enabling guests to peek at the specially-created mural located along the internal staircase. Here, witness the evolution from verdant green landscapes to modern skyscrapers and landmarks within nature, captured and illustrated in a 16m wall mural by artist Rachael Lum.


Experience The Singapore Of Today

The transitory stairwell escorts guests up to the Sky 2 deck where the ambience seamlessly morphs into a sleek, electric representation of nocturnal Singapore. Contemporary interiors flaunt subtle accents of nature, a celebration of our roots and distinct architectural elements along the F1 track after dark.

Extending from the central bar in Sky 1, the “tree” has now grown — the abstract tree canopy of Sky 2 echoes the sleek nature of our city’s skyscrapers, complemented by the cool sheen of the metallic bar counters set against intricate die-cut renderings of Singapore’s skyline. At the core of it all, the never-say-die spirit of Singapore remains unchanged, and continues to be the basis of the Lion City’s achievements.


A Prime View Of The Race

Catch the dazzling speeds of the night race from the best vantage point at Turns 1 and 2 of the race track. Admire each racer’s will to win at the cocktail area, or watch a custom motion graphic piece by artists, Filzation and Wei Ting, which celebrates the lives and stories of Faraliza Zainal and Theresa Goh, the true Singaporeans of strength and resilience. 


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