Breaking Industry Norms with a Bold, New Direction

Re Source Partners

A Fresh, Different Look

Re Source Partners provides professional client-oriented services and honest advice to meet business needs, personal career goals, and talent acquisition satisfaction. On top of its professional service offerings, this HR Recruitment Agency is also looking to challenge industry norms, with a strong emphasis on helping both talents and employers, with heart.

From this unique standpoint, we conceptualised a creative Brand Strategy and Visual Identity to help Re Source Partners stand out against other market leaders; to move away from the traditional corporate looks of many other recruitment agencies.

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Capturing the Brand Story in a Logo

The key mission of Re Source Partners is to form a bridge between remarkable talents and rewarding careers. The custom-designed ligature of 'e' and 's' in the logo transcends across two bold and strong colours. These key elements of the logo represent the connections that Re Source Partners creates between employers and employees. At the same time, the extended tail of 'e' also reflects how the agency goes the extra mile to find the most perfect matches.

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A Visual Language that Says More

In its vision to be a dependable confidant, personable partner, and a Human Resources expert, we made deliberate design choices that are contemporary and vibrant. The main brand colours of orange and navy comfortably complement each other, while reflecting the warm personality of Re Source Partners. Light, subtle use of graphic textures, and a palette of secondary colours help to sprinkle visual interest without diluting the gravitas of the content. The use of complementing typefaces also provide some contrast, and aid in showcasing the hierarchy of information.

Clean line illustrations bring to life otherwise complicated information, and make the brand more accessible. These dynamic graphics give users a more enjoyable experience when looking at the website, or social media posts.

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A Professional Disposition for Professionals

A good balance of elegance, warmth and vibrancy, the design language is also anchored in a sense of dependability. This allows clients and talents to trust them as the domain knowledge experts and a dependable platform. We designed the website with an elegant simplicity and an easy-to-use interface to optimise the user experience for employers and job seekers alike.

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Brand Strategy Crystallisation

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