Encapsulating the Expressive Nature of Culinary Art in a Brand Identity


A Brand New Art Form

Kanves is a home fine-dining experience presenting globally influenced cuisines in an intimate setting. A brainchild of Chef Ethan (who has worked at award-winning restaurants in Singapore and New Zealand), Kanves takes diners on a journey through the chef’s life experiences and travels with every bite as if unveiling art on canvas.

Staying true to himself without conforming to societal trends, Chef Ethan hopes to “champion substance and flavour over aesthetics” through his food. We caught Chef Ethan’s vision of ‘creative freedom’ in his dishes and created a brand identity that portrays the brand’s uniqueness and fluidity of creating culinary art. One that captures the chef’s contemporary approach to food as “borderless” and where less is more.


Expressing the Spirit and DNA of Chef Ethan’s Culinary Identity

The fluid nature of the logo design draws inspiration from Chef Ethan’s personality, his travel adventures and the fusion of cultures in his food. It is kept simple yet refined, that is aligned to the spirit and DNA of Kanves – to provide deliciously simple yet complex food for all to enjoy. Keeping it affable and welcoming, we wanted it to appeal to diners of all backgrounds with a discerning yet adventurous palate.


Layer by Layer

Being inspired by a myriad of cultures and cuisines around the world, Chef Ethan brings together different tastes, flavours and textures in his food as represented in the watercolour textured visual system. The organic lines and curves layering on top of one another emulates the different layers of flavours one savours throughout the entire course. Curvy elements used also take inspiration from marbled tops and visual plating of the food.


Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design

Graphic Design & Development