Typographic Play Highlights The Elegance And Artfulness Of The Loewe OLED Television

Atlas Loewe OLED TV

Building on the sophistication of Loewe’s brand and product range, the brochure was created as an extension of the elements within the Key Visual.

Featuring each Loewe product in a distinct yet cohesive manner in layout and type, there is a unique story to be told behind every Loewe OLED Television. Viewing the brochure in tandem with the poster, key features of the product range are accentuated at different points on the artwork, which tie in nicely in a flow-like rhythm.


Bringing the elegance of this collection to life through typographic play and curated visuals, our set-of-3 posters highlights Loewe’s lifestyle messaging that inspires the viewer to imagine Loewe OLED TV’s state of the art technology and beautiful product design within their homes.


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design & Development

Spatial Art Direction