Uncovering Design Evidence in Our Everyday Lives

Brand Strategy - Graphic Design

Archifest, organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects, is an annual architecture festival in Singapore that seeks to celebrate and promote the meaningful value of Architecture and urban design within our city and society. The OuterEdit team was thrilled at the opportunity to support Archifest with the development of the festival’s branding and brand experience in its 15th year running.

Anchored on the theme of ‘Design Evidence’, Archifest 2021 is an open and inclusive invitation to everyone; from the industry, community, and the greater public to adopt an inquisitive attitude and uncover the rich evidence of design in our everyday lives.


A Play on Form and Function within the Investigative Process

Through a crystallisation of the festival’s brand strategy, we expressed the essence of the theme cohesively through 3 distinctive graphic design elements, creating a flexible and dynamic visual language that can lend itself well across various formats while keeping the identity fresh at every touch-point.

Inspired by an architect’s workspace, the identity is built from a subtle grid system. This provides the foundation for content, allowing elements to be purposefully placed for optimal visibility. Clean typographic elements with a clear hierarchy also keep the information accessible yet dynamic as they take up different spots within the space.

This is supplemented by the unfolding ribbon - a key graphic device, weaving through the typography and grid, revealing hidden corners, and unveiling information to encapsulate the act of uncovering and discovering evidence.⁣

⁣Lastly, we introduced a refreshed colour palette that drew from environmental elements of Singapore’s nature and landscape surrounding its architecture, brought together through a gradient combination that interacts spiritedly, evoking a sense of excitement and optimism.⁣

Archifest portfolio

“2021 is a fresh chance to promote architecture and design to a broad community of passionate individuals and the greater public. We have built tremendous resilience over the past 12 months and I strongly believe that our local, regional, and global audiences are ready to take virtual and physical engagements to the next level, and why not – have some good fun with it.”

Razvan Ghilic, Festival Director, Archifest 2021

Transitioning Into A Native Digital Experience

Launching Archifest as a hybrid festival with a digital-first approach, the visual language was then brought to life online, from social media to a full website experience that featured over 80 activities spread across a month-long duration and a dual-themed virtual exhibit showcasing and celebrating over 40 built and conceptual works from upcoming artists and studios.


Our creative agency is truly grateful to have been part of Archifest and would like to thank the 2021 committee for their unwavering trust and support. While we hope the festival’s brand design has made an optimistic and strong impact amongst its attendees, we believe that this is only a stepping stone for a greater, more evolved festival experience in the years to come. We look forward to seeing what’s in store for Archifest in the near future!

Archifest is supported and commissioned by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA).

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design & Development